Art Attack - Raewyn Harris Koru Art

WALT create an artist inspired piece of artwork.

Artist: Raewyn Harris

The Year Six Hub have been doing art inspired by the amazing Raewyn Harris. She has made lots of designs which has helped us gain ideas. We started off doing a pencil draft. Then we did another draft with chalk to prepare us for the good copy. We had to draw with chalk because when we dyed it the chalk lines would turn black. We tried to not go over the chalk when we coloured because then we wouldn't be able to see the lines. Here is my unique piece of art. ;)

It was difficult for me to choose the right contrasting colours. I tried to make it as bright as possible, I didn't want any chunks of black. Every single white space on the art work would turn black, so I filled in the white specs. My personal favourite part of my art is the leaf at the right top. Doing this art was very challenging and fun. It was challenging because we started doing art on Monday and I wasn't here on Monday so I had to pencil draft, chalk draft, good copy, colour and dye in 2 days! But I did it and I am proud of what I have done. Raewyn Harris Koru art is definitely something I would do again!

-By Holly V

Music Blog Post

WALT: To compose and create a rap (with a beat if possible) about bullying.

In music we were learning how to write raps, rhyming couplets, beats and more.

 The process was...

1. We learnt what Hip Hop is made out of.
2. We learnt rap elements
3. We did the mother earth rap and the basketball rap.
4. We did rhyming couplets
5. Bars and melody's
7. Bullying words that rhyme
8. Bullying rap

WALT ·    To compose and create a rap (with beat if possible) about bullying

Hint = Blue = Answer
How did you go about achieving this? I worked on the rap for my SML's and I tried to get all my work done while I was in music so I didn't have to take up other learning time to get it done.
What resources were used to help you? I used the Learner Zone to see what I had to do and find websites that can help me.
Did you go through the process on your own or collaborate with other people? I went through the process sometimes on my own and mostly collaborating. I found it easier to collaborate because we got more ideas with more people.
How did you find the process? The process with interesting because you built up to the rap but learning music things along the way.
What did you enjoy most about the process of creating a rap? I enjoyed picking rhyming couplets and putting the whole rap together because it sounded really cool in the end.

What  might be your next step? My next step is to use different,unique words that no one else will think of in the making of the rap.

Here is our  rap... (Sofia,Vanessa and I)
P.S I have highlighted the rhyming  couplets 

I wake up every morning, not wanting to go to school.
All the kids tease me and think I'm a fool.
Even when things and going wrong
I have to stand up and be strong
People call me lots of names
Even though we are all the same
Hey! Mr. Bully, hear my plea
Just for once set me free
Nobody ever lends a hand
If only someone would take a stand
I always cry, if only someone would hear
Everyday I shed a tear.
Everyday you make me pay
I just want it to go away.

By Holly .V. 

Mult/Div learning

WALT: Solve division facts using algorithm.

In Mrs Pattens class we are learning how to solve division questions using algorithm. Here is how you work it out.
 So first you write the question in a algorithm form. In this occasion we are doing 84 /6 so what we do first is we say to ourselves "How many 6's go into 8 without going over the number 8?". The answer is...1. One 6 goes into 8 with 2 remainders(Put the number 1 on top of the line). So we put the remainder(s) (2) onto the other number (4) which makes it 24. Then we ask ourselves " How many  6's go into 24?" And the answer is 4.  So we put 4 on the top of the line next to the 1. The answer is 14!!!  :)

What have I learned? 
I have learned how to solve division facts is an easy way.

What is my next learning step?
My next learning step is to be more confident with this way of working out


In multiplication I learnt how to use doubling and halving to solve multiplication problems. Doubling and halving is where you double one and halve the other. For example...

14 x 5
Figure out which one to double and which one to halve.  The easiest one to double is 5 which is 10. Then I'll halve 14 which is 7. 7 x 10 = 70 Wallah. ALL DONE!

What have I learned?
I learnt how to solve big multiplication problems using doubling and halving.

What is my next learning step?
To use the method more often.

Goal Template Sheet

Term 1 2017 Goal Review and Next Steps
Name: Holly Vincent
Parent Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
Eg What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know?
Next Step
Eg My next step is……...

Greater confidence in math -Back
Asking friends or teacher to help out. If I don't know an answer just give it a try. Make sure if I don't know it,tell the teacher so they know what I can and can't do.
I have made progress in my math because I am asking people for help more often(Family,Friends, Teachers..)
My next step is to have more confidence in all my learning subjects.

Eg. When I'm stuck with my reading,ask the teacher who is in the room.

Student Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
Eg What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know?
Next Step
Eg My next step is……...
To improve my presentation and formation in writing. My math in fractions too.

Not writing so fast and taking my time with my presentation and with my fractions. I can give it a go and if I don't know it I can ask the teacher or friends if they know it.
I slow down when writing and use the dictionary for incorrect spelling as well as adjectives for pieces of writing.
To use different adjectives to describe something.

Eg.  (Incorrect) The shoes are really good to walk in. They are good for sport too..

(Correct) The shoes and really nice to walk in. The are fantastic for sport too.


In Mr. Hillary's class for maths our goal was to - Read and Explain everyday time problems.

I learnt how to tell analogue clocks & 24 hour clock (I already knew how to read digital clocks). Here are some examples of my learning...

  • 1400 hours (Pronounced 14 hundred hours) is 2:00pm because when you go around twice (Or when its the afternoon) it doubles. Like 12:00 would be 24:00 in 24 hour time.🕛
  • Analogue clocks are really easy to read. You have to find the small hand then see where it's pointing at. Then you find the big hand and count in the 5x tables around the clock until you find what number its at. 

So there is some evidence of what I've learnt in measurement. 

Thanks for reading!!


The Donkey Disaster

     Learning From Mistakes...Moment in time

On a hot,summer day,it was my 6th/7th birthday party. I desperately wanted to go to pony parties. So mum organised a day to go. I invited a lot of friends & we got to feed a lot of adorable animals such as piglets,chickens,donkeys and MORE! We washed our hands so we could eat cake. Then we went to ride the donkeys

I hopped on one donkey and my older sister went on the other one,but they didn't have any saddle or anything! Even the staff weren't holding onto the donkey at all. My grandad was standing near the donkey and so was the little Chihuahua. I said to my grandad “The dog wants to chase after the ball. Maybe you could kick it for her!” My grandad gave it a tiny kick and the dog bolted off. Which made both of the donkeys bolt off with my sister and I still on them. The donkey headed straight for the fence and I had seen my sister had fallen off. I fell of and landed on my thumb (Which hurt A LOT!) and my sister landed on her tailbone!

A few days later I went to the hospital (on my actual birthday) and got a cast for me hand. I came home and my whole family was there. I told them everything that happened a few days ago. Then I opened MORE presents.

I will never ever ask anyone to kick a ball for a dog near a donkey.


I am in Mrs Patten's reading class and we are learning to use reference books/tools on Google Classroom. We have learnt lots of new things about the world and the latest news.

We have recently been learning about plastic and what it does to the environment. I have learned that plastic is a synthetic material made from a wide range of organic polymers. A synthetic material is like a cork, Artificial leather or Bio-polymer.  Plastic is a real harm to the environment, so here is some ways you can help...

  • Take the caps of all bottles (Milk,Water,Coke etc...)
  • Rinse out yogurt containers

My goal is to...

Find information and recall it in my own words.

Thanks for reading my reading work! ;)

-By Holly


The Year 6 Hub did dance for two weeks. We did two types of dances.

Hip Hop
Cha Cha Cha.

Here are some photos....

We learnt professional moves and they were very difficult. The song we danced to in Hip Hop was Locked Out Of Heaven  by Bruno Mars. Our performance turned out very good, especially after we had only practiced for two weeks! I was super nervous though, everyone was! Something that personally I should have worked on was my timing, in one of the videos my mum took, I was a bit early. But everyone makes mistakes!
Overall dance was very fun!


Writing from term 1

Here is some of my writing from Term 1.... I have highlighted some of the sentences I am really happy with because they create good images in the reader's mind

The desert DISASTER!
The hot blazing sun was beaming down on the three friends as they searched for ancient treasure buried down beneath the sand. But will the heat get in the way of their goal?

Ashley was behind her two friends. “ Joel! Dana WAIT UP!” She said as she speedily biked across the sand. All she saw was a blur. Sandy colours and blue t-shirts. But she just saw the colour, she was going so  fast. They made a stop and started to dig. “You can feel the heat now can’t you?” Dana moaned. “We traveled such a loooong way, we can’t give up now!”Joel answered. They dug for an hour or more and the sun was getting stronger and STRONGER. It was getting dangerous. “Guys,I can’t do this anymore.”Ashley groaned. Just seconds after she said that,she was on the ground,unconscious. “ASHLEY!” Dana and Joel gasped. They rushed over. The odd tractor went past and left an avalanche of smoke.  They shielded their eyes. “Ashley!” Joel called. I really think we should stop. Dana thought. Let’s see what Joel thinks. “We should keep going until she wakes up. Maybe when she does we could go home and get sandwiches. What do you think Dana?” Joel asked. Dana nodded in agreement but she did think it was a bad idea. What if another person fainted! Still, If Joel thought it was all good then Dana thought that too. They dug and dug for another half an hour. Joel and Dana agreed they should take a break because they were TIRED! Suddenly Ashley woke up. “Yay! Ashley!’’ They beamed. “What happened!” She groaned. “You fainted!” Dana exclaimed.  “Woah! Really. I never thought the heat would get to me!” Ashley laughed. “ Maybe we should get going.” Dana said. “It’s too dangerous. We can’t afford to have another fainted person on our trip!”   “True! Let’s hop on our bikes and go! Ash you up to it?”  Joel asked. “ Yep! Back and better than ever!” “ Alright let’s go!” Joel said. “ And we can go eat some sandwiches too!” They ran over to the place where their bikes were. “ OH NO! OUR BIKES! THEY'RE GONE!!!”  Ashley screamed. Sure enough the broken shreds that were left of the bikes were on the road. “ Maybe we should start to walk.” Joel suggested. “No no no. We can’t Joel! Home’s such a far far away. One of us are going to faint like Ashley! Let’s just put our thumbs out and hope someone will give us a lift.” Dana protested. “ Alright. Fine. That's kind of a better idea.” Joel mumbled. Ashley and Joel sat around while Dana stuck her thumb out for a tractor to come and give them a lift. Joel said “ Dana we are NEVER gonna get a lift. We might as well start a little walk.” “ Alright Joel. C’mon Ash. Were going.” They started to walk. They made 3 K! Just walking. “ I'm too tired now Joel. Let’s stop!!” Dana said. They had a rest and they waited. And waited. Aaaand waited. Nothing. A car was coming. It looked familiar. Dana ran over and stuck out her thumb. It was slowing down! THIS COULD BE IT!  Dana smiled. Joel beamed. Ashley jumped up with her hands in the air. Waving them like there was no tomorrow!  The car pulled up. The person in the familiar car wound down the window.  All the kids gasped. “ MUM! How did you-- When did yo--WHAT!?” Ashley said. “Miss VICTORIA!” Joel and Dana shrieked.  “Oh Miss Victoria, we were happily digging for ancient treasure and Ashley got too hot and- and SHE FAINTED! We kept digging and she woke up. So we thought that we should bike home but--but our bikes got RAN OVER and-and PLEASE DON'T TELL OUR MUMS!!” Dana begged. Ashley's mum chuckled. She ‘Zipped her lips’ as in to say “My lips are sealed.” “Hop in you troublemakers! Oh and I brought some sandwiches!” She said. Joel,Ashley and Dana jumped in the car and started munching away on their yummy sandwiches! Maybe this Journey wasn't such a Desert DISASTER after all.

By Holly.

Multi-Cultural week

Multicultural Week

We celebrated Multicultural week. It was fun and I will remember it FOREVER! It was my first time using the difficult chopsticks. I actually got a jelly bean though. So… GO ME! I got a couple of them and then I moved on to the dreaded, the hard MARBLES! I was so close to getting a marble then the teacher clapped. CLAP CLAP CLAP! I instantly lost my focus and moved my chopsticks. Darn it! Soon enough it was time to pack up and go to the next rotation.  We moved to art, where we did folding and cutting! Our snowflake came out pretty well! It was super fun and enjoyable. It was even MORE fun with Vanessa’s mum, Melody, she helped us A LOT! Special thanks to Melody! Then we went to Henna, but we had to wait a bit. We had morning tea and after that we went to the Russian lesson. Here is some info about Russia:

1 Russian is the biggest country in the world
2 You could fit 63 New Zealand’s into Russian
3 There is a building that is made out of wood. But there’s no nails!
4 Russia's temperature can get so cold that BOILING hot water can instantly turn into snow in SECONDS!
5 In summer there is no night just daylight
6 In winter there is no SUN just dark
7 Russia's subways are even more fancier than FANCY! Seriously.
8 Russia  can get down to -72.2!

Here is some information I learnt about Israel:
1 You can fit Israel into the smallest part of New Zealand. (The south island)
2 Israel is by Jordan

Then I went to henna. I wish I learnt a little bit more about Israel! Even though it's a small country...Big things come in small packages.

I had a very cool henna design on my right hand! It was BEAUTIFUL! It was a flower in the middle with lots of dots and pretty hearts!

It was such a AWESOME day! I could do it all day.

Learning Plan Review

Koru Art

This is my Koru art I did...

I had to think of different colours and patterns and it was harder than you would expect! I finally thought of my first pattern (Squiggly triangles) and it was quite hard to figure out what pattern to do next. I started to colour my first pattern while I was thinking. I successfully finished my colouring in and I had to think of a pattern. With some courage and my friends help I got one done. I took it home and coloured it in and DONE! My art was COMPETE! Art is really fun and this challenged me!It was fun and I think I might do another one at home!

Camp Woodend

WALT:Describe our feeling about camp

S.C The reader will enjoy reading our description.

On Tuesday and Wednesday (15/16 of November) Year 5 went to camp at Woodend Christian Camp. I was incredibly excited! At 8:30 I arrived at school. First things first I had to take my massive suitcase to the hall. It was very heavy so my mum had to help. When I got my suitcase into the hall and said hi to my friends, I went to go put my bag in the cloak bay. A few minutes later we were on the bus,with two boys annoying me behind my seat! Then,after about half an hour we arrived! YAY! We went over the expectations and got our bags into our bunk rooms.Then we got to walk around the boundaries. We got some free time and the first thing i went on was the Water-Slide. Well,I came to admit that was the best thing I did in free time HISTORY! We met Cody and got stuck into our activities. First up, Archery/Rifles.
  I shot the board in Archery,but not the target. I was still proud of myself for actually HITTING the board though. Then we walked over to the Air  Rifles.I think I hit the target but it was hard to tell because everything sounded like you hit it!
  Next we did Orienteering. Lizzy came with my group(Kendell and Vanessa) and she helped us! She also helped Kendall when she tripped over (Big shoutout to Lizzy!) We kept going and found 13/20 posts! The downside was some group thought we were following them. We took no notice and carried on! So far that was my favourite activity until I went to the Go Karts!
  At the Go Karts everyone had to stay seated in the stand and the first person (We put them in order) would go on and the next person would wave flags.White flag=Last Lap. Checkered flag=STOP! I went second to last and apparently I was fastest,but it didn't feel like it!
   Then we had Nachos for dinner! Mmmmm It was yum. We had more free time then we had to settle down in our bunks. We hardly got any sleep,but in the end we all fell asleep. THANK GOODNESS!
  The next day we did Climbing Wall! I made the top on the first one but on the second one the crocodile slowed me down! I fell off the croc and I went down. I was disappointed but also happy for the first climbing wall. Then we did Team Building!

When we did Team Building,I was very nervous because when I see other people doing the black wall climbing wall thing it looks very hard! So the first activity we did in team building was a figure 8 poles. We all linked hands and then Lillian and Kade held hands over two people holding hands underneath them! We had to untangle then go back to our original place! When we worked out how to we had to be timed and we got SECOND PLACE out of all the groups that have done it before! I was impressed with our group! Next activity we did in team building was lifting up our group(Boys and Girls) and they have to move to the middle and then flip upside down and jump down! Then the one I was nervous about came! We had to get up this big black wall! I did it but i think I broke Felix’s and Jack’s backs! Oops!

I really enjoyed my first camp.I wish I could do it again!
By Holly


In class we go introduced to Geo-boards. We got rubber bands and made shapes on the Geo-boards. I made a really cool  one! I call it Mustard & Ketchup! The Geo-boards help us with shapes and patterns. You can make so many creations! Maybe even a Saturn creation! Mustard & Ketchup Creation is Red and Yellow. That's why I called it that!I love Geo-boards!

-By Holly

Design For The School

WALT: Persuade the school to agree with our idea.
This was used for a speech By the way.

Sofia: Hi I’m Sofia.

Devon : Hi my name is Devon

Holly:Hey I’m Holly!
Sofia P1: Holly, Devon & I have made a model of a treehouse.  We put in tons of thought in our work.  I think we should have this in the new school because people would have fun working up in the treehouse.  

Holly p1: AS Sofia said we have made a model of a treehouse . We thought  about the safety long and hard. We tried to make everything stable and safe. We thought this idea would be fantastic to have in the new school.

Devon p1: I think the school should have a tree house because it’s fun,can remove energy  and can be the coolest thing ever! We have been working on a model of the tree house and hopefully we it in the school.Tree House, Rope-Ladder, ...

By Devon,Holly and Sofia

Literacy Week!

Literacy week was amazing! I dressed up and Princess Leia and I even had a GUN! Fake by the way...
Lots of people dressed up and I thought I was the only one! Thank god I wasn't because when i walked into the school I looked like the only one dressed up! Kendell was a tiger/cat! I think literacy week was a blast,fabulous,cool,awesome,fun.silly,AMAZING,quirky and so much more good things! We also did Stop,Drop and write/read. We did so many fun activities!!!Mrs Hall was Mrs Twit!!Overall I think I would give literacy week  a thumbs UP!

By Holly