Jack Simpson writing

Shrapnel Valley, Gallipoli

29  April  1915

Today I am heart-broken.  I wasn’t able to save my best 

friend from high school.  I was trying to run as fast as I 

could to get to him but it was too late, he had already 


I am very frightened by the bombs and grenades going 

off. I can hear the heavy artillery guns firing and my 

mouth goes dry with fear. I can smell the blood of the 

soldiers and hear their screams. 

 I am so relieved I am still alive but I’m still really angry 

that my fellow soldiers have either died or been injured 

really badly.

I feel really homesick too.  I am desperate for some nice 

fresh fruit.  I wish this horrifying war would end so we 

could all go home.

By Holly


  1. Holly,your writing is awesome!!!!

  2. Holly,your writing is awesome!!!!

  3. Holly your writing is awesome(wait what???) Thanks