Rio 2016 Olympic Facts

WALT: Understand how the Olympic Values are demonstrated in Rio
I will be able to give a minimum of 1 example of the values being shown in Rio
This term most of Oakland's School has been learning about The 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Here is something I learned:
(1) The Olympic Values are

  • Friendship
  • Excellence 
  • Respect
Here is an example of Friendship that got a NZ girl to the finals but came last.

That showed Friendship at the Olympics!
You need to show excellence at the Olympics because if you don't then there is no point of doing it,they have been training for FOUR YEARS,why would they want to turn back now?
You need to show Respect at the Olympics because if you don't then you could be disqualified!
You need to show FRIENDSHIP at the Olympics because even if you come last you can get into the finals!!
The values are as important as coming first. Even if you don't,you can always show those Friendship,Respect and Excellence values at the Olympics.

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