Pet Day!!

WALT: Describe out per day
S.C The reader understands my feelings.

On Friday we had a fabulous Pet Day. There were little dogs,big dogs,sheep,pigs,cats,turtles,lizards,guinea pig,rats,mice,hamsters,parrots and lots more! We all went on the field and the pets walked around the circle we were in. But the whether ruined our fun. We walked over to the hall where the cats and hamsters and stuff were. I am very allergic to cute little cats. I pat one though! Shh don't tell my mum! I was happy,hairy and a little scared.  I was happy because it was a blast! I was hairy because f the dogs and i was a little scared because i pat a cat and I'm allergic to them ( See my point).
Overall Pet Day was Fabtabulous!


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