Design For The School

WALT: Persuade the school to agree with our idea.
This was used for a speech By the way.

Sofia: Hi I’m Sofia.

Devon : Hi my name is Devon

Holly:Hey I’m Holly!
Sofia P1: Holly, Devon & I have made a model of a treehouse.  We put in tons of thought in our work.  I think we should have this in the new school because people would have fun working up in the treehouse.  

Holly p1: AS Sofia said we have made a model of a treehouse . We thought  about the safety long and hard. We tried to make everything stable and safe. We thought this idea would be fantastic to have in the new school.

Devon p1: I think the school should have a tree house because it’s fun,can remove energy  and can be the coolest thing ever! We have been working on a model of the tree house and hopefully we it in the school.Tree House, Rope-Ladder, ...

By Devon,Holly and Sofia

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