Multi-Cultural week

Multicultural Week

We celebrated Multicultural week. It was fun and I will remember it FOREVER! It was my first time using the difficult chopsticks. I actually got a jelly bean though. So… GO ME! I got a couple of them and then I moved on to the dreaded, the hard MARBLES! I was so close to getting a marble then the teacher clapped. CLAP CLAP CLAP! I instantly lost my focus and moved my chopsticks. Darn it! Soon enough it was time to pack up and go to the next rotation.  We moved to art, where we did folding and cutting! Our snowflake came out pretty well! It was super fun and enjoyable. It was even MORE fun with Vanessa’s mum, Melody, she helped us A LOT! Special thanks to Melody! Then we went to Henna, but we had to wait a bit. We had morning tea and after that we went to the Russian lesson. Here is some info about Russia:

1 Russian is the biggest country in the world
2 You could fit 63 New Zealand’s into Russian
3 There is a building that is made out of wood. But there’s no nails!
4 Russia's temperature can get so cold that BOILING hot water can instantly turn into snow in SECONDS!
5 In summer there is no night just daylight
6 In winter there is no SUN just dark
7 Russia's subways are even more fancier than FANCY! Seriously.
8 Russia  can get down to -72.2!

Here is some information I learnt about Israel:
1 You can fit Israel into the smallest part of New Zealand. (The south island)
2 Israel is by Jordan

Then I went to henna. I wish I learnt a little bit more about Israel! Even though it's a small country...Big things come in small packages.

I had a very cool henna design on my right hand! It was BEAUTIFUL! It was a flower in the middle with lots of dots and pretty hearts!

It was such a AWESOME day! I could do it all day.

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