Writing from term 1

Here is some of my writing from Term 1.... I have highlighted some of the sentences I am really happy with because they create good images in the reader's mind

The desert DISASTER!
The hot blazing sun was beaming down on the three friends as they searched for ancient treasure buried down beneath the sand. But will the heat get in the way of their goal?

Ashley was behind her two friends. “ Joel! Dana WAIT UP!” She said as she speedily biked across the sand. All she saw was a blur. Sandy colours and blue t-shirts. But she just saw the colour, she was going so  fast. They made a stop and started to dig. “You can feel the heat now can’t you?” Dana moaned. “We traveled such a loooong way, we can’t give up now!”Joel answered. They dug for an hour or more and the sun was getting stronger and STRONGER. It was getting dangerous. “Guys,I can’t do this anymore.”Ashley groaned. Just seconds after she said that,she was on the ground,unconscious. “ASHLEY!” Dana and Joel gasped. They rushed over. The odd tractor went past and left an avalanche of smoke.  They shielded their eyes. “Ashley!” Joel called. I really think we should stop. Dana thought. Let’s see what Joel thinks. “We should keep going until she wakes up. Maybe when she does we could go home and get sandwiches. What do you think Dana?” Joel asked. Dana nodded in agreement but she did think it was a bad idea. What if another person fainted! Still, If Joel thought it was all good then Dana thought that too. They dug and dug for another half an hour. Joel and Dana agreed they should take a break because they were TIRED! Suddenly Ashley woke up. “Yay! Ashley!’’ They beamed. “What happened!” She groaned. “You fainted!” Dana exclaimed.  “Woah! Really. I never thought the heat would get to me!” Ashley laughed. “ Maybe we should get going.” Dana said. “It’s too dangerous. We can’t afford to have another fainted person on our trip!”   “True! Let’s hop on our bikes and go! Ash you up to it?”  Joel asked. “ Yep! Back and better than ever!” “ Alright let’s go!” Joel said. “ And we can go eat some sandwiches too!” They ran over to the place where their bikes were. “ OH NO! OUR BIKES! THEY'RE GONE!!!”  Ashley screamed. Sure enough the broken shreds that were left of the bikes were on the road. “ Maybe we should start to walk.” Joel suggested. “No no no. We can’t Joel! Home’s such a far far away. One of us are going to faint like Ashley! Let’s just put our thumbs out and hope someone will give us a lift.” Dana protested. “ Alright. Fine. That's kind of a better idea.” Joel mumbled. Ashley and Joel sat around while Dana stuck her thumb out for a tractor to come and give them a lift. Joel said “ Dana we are NEVER gonna get a lift. We might as well start a little walk.” “ Alright Joel. C’mon Ash. Were going.” They started to walk. They made 3 K! Just walking. “ I'm too tired now Joel. Let’s stop!!” Dana said. They had a rest and they waited. And waited. Aaaand waited. Nothing. A car was coming. It looked familiar. Dana ran over and stuck out her thumb. It was slowing down! THIS COULD BE IT!  Dana smiled. Joel beamed. Ashley jumped up with her hands in the air. Waving them like there was no tomorrow!  The car pulled up. The person in the familiar car wound down the window.  All the kids gasped. “ MUM! How did you-- When did yo--WHAT!?” Ashley said. “Miss VICTORIA!” Joel and Dana shrieked.  “Oh Miss Victoria, we were happily digging for ancient treasure and Ashley got too hot and- and SHE FAINTED! We kept digging and she woke up. So we thought that we should bike home but--but our bikes got RAN OVER and-and PLEASE DON'T TELL OUR MUMS!!” Dana begged. Ashley's mum chuckled. She ‘Zipped her lips’ as in to say “My lips are sealed.” “Hop in you troublemakers! Oh and I brought some sandwiches!” She said. Joel,Ashley and Dana jumped in the car and started munching away on their yummy sandwiches! Maybe this Journey wasn't such a Desert DISASTER after all.

By Holly.

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