The Donkey Disaster

     Learning From Mistakes...Moment in time

On a hot,summer day,it was my 6th/7th birthday party. I desperately wanted to go to pony parties. So mum organised a day to go. I invited a lot of friends & we got to feed a lot of adorable animals such as piglets,chickens,donkeys and MORE! We washed our hands so we could eat cake. Then we went to ride the donkeys

I hopped on one donkey and my older sister went on the other one,but they didn't have any saddle or anything! Even the staff weren't holding onto the donkey at all. My grandad was standing near the donkey and so was the little Chihuahua. I said to my grandad “The dog wants to chase after the ball. Maybe you could kick it for her!” My grandad gave it a tiny kick and the dog bolted off. Which made both of the donkeys bolt off with my sister and I still on them. The donkey headed straight for the fence and I had seen my sister had fallen off. I fell of and landed on my thumb (Which hurt A LOT!) and my sister landed on her tailbone!

A few days later I went to the hospital (on my actual birthday) and got a cast for me hand. I came home and my whole family was there. I told them everything that happened a few days ago. Then I opened MORE presents.

I will never ever ask anyone to kick a ball for a dog near a donkey.

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