Don't let the pigeon drive the bus

WALT:Persuade the reader to agree with my opinion.

-Why pigeons should not drive a bus. I think pigeons should not drive a bus because…
It’s a animal and animals don't drive .A bird is short and it can’t see out the window or reach the pedals,that could cause a crash. If the pigeon crashed he couldn’t reach the airbag.

-Pigeons also POOP everywhere. Have you seen some people’s cars and they are covered with poop? The pigeon could poo everywhere on the bus and it could drive all the bus riders away.  When the bus driver comes back he might get fired!

-Here are some reasons why he SHOULD! We should let the pigeon drive the bus because he has dreams too and you never know ‘till you try. He wants his dreams to come true.  You should at least give him a chance. You need to let him accomplish his dreams. It’s mean to just say “DON'T LET THE PIGEON DRIVE THE BUS!”

-In conclusion i think the pigeon shouldn’t drive the bus because if YOU saw a pigeon driving a bus on the road what would you do? Stop your car and stare? Would you call the animal care,take a ride? Scream and run? Keep the pigeon as a pet? I certainly would hang around much longer! Do you agree with me? -By holly

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