Little Red Riding Hood

WALT: Write a descriptive narrative.

One sunny day, Little Red Riding Hood was playing outside when her mother called out " Little Red, grandma doesn't feel to flash. Could you walk over there and give her some scrumptious apple pie, but remember don't stop walking!" OK mum" Little Red called out. " I wont!"

She started walking down the rocky path remembering that her grandmother gave her the name Little Red Riding Hood because of a red hood cape she made her. It was beautiful! She approached someone a bit strange. "Hello." He said . "Where are you going on this fine day?" "I'm going to see my grandmother, she doesn't feel well." She explained  "Ohh, I know where some beautiful flowers are. You should go get some!" The wolf said. "Yeah, I will! Bye!!!" She called as she trotted down. He smirked and ran away. She arrived at her grandmothers house and called. "Granny, oh granny! I have something for you!"She tip toed over to the bed . "Oh what big ears you have!" She cried. "The better to hear you with!" He replied. "What big eyes you have!" She said. "The better to see you with!" "WHAT BIG TEETH YOU HAVE!!!" She screamed. "The better to eat you with!!" She tried to run away but she got eaten. The father wondered where she was,so he rushed down. "Help!" Two muffled voices cried. He cut the wolf open. Grandmother and Little Red were free! They lived happily ever after.

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