WALT:Describe our feeling about camp

S.C The reader will enjoy reading our description.

On Tuesday and Wednesday (15/16 of November) Year 5 went to camp at Woodend Christian Camp. I was incredibly excited! At 8:30 I arrived at school. First things first I had to take my massive suitcase to the hall. It was very heavy so my mum had to help. When I got my suitcase into the hall and said hi to my friends, I went to go put my bag in the cloak bay. A few minutes later we were on the bus,with two boys annoying me behind my seat! Then,after about half an hour we arrived! YAY! We went over the expectations and got our bags into our bunk rooms.Then we got to walk around the boundaries. We got some free time and the first thing i went on was the Water-Slide. Well,I came to admit that was the best thing I did in free time HISTORY! We met Cody and got stuck into our activities. First up, Archery/Rifles.
  I shot the board in Archery,but not the target. I was still proud of myself for actually HITTING the board though. Then we walked over to the Air  Rifles.I think i hit the target but it was hard to tell because everything sounded like you hit it!
  Next we did Orienteering. Lizzy came with my group(Kendell and Vanessa) and she helped us! She also helped Kendall when she tripped over (Big shoutout to Lizzy!) We kept going and found 13/20 posts! The downside was some group thought we were following them. We took no notice and carried on! So far that was my favourite activity until I went to the Go Karts!
  At the Go Karts everyone had to stay seated in the stand and the first person (We put them in order) would go on and the next person would wave flags.White flag=Last Lap. Checkered flag=STOP! I went second to last and apparently I was fastest,but it didn't feel like it!
   Then we had Nachos for dinner! Mmmmm It was yum. We had more free time then we had to settle down in our bunks. We hardly got any sleep,but in the end we all fell asleep. THANK GOODNESS!
  The next day we did Climbing Wall! I made the top on the first one but on the second one the crocodile slowed me down! I fell off the croc and I went down. I was disappointed but also happy for the first climbing wall. Then we did Team Building!

When we did Team Building,I was very nervous because when I see other people doing the black wall climbing wall thing it looks very hard! So the first activity we did in team building was a figure 8 poles. We all linked hands and then Lillian and Kade held hands over two people holding hands underneath them! We had to untangle then go back to our original place! When we worked out how to we had to be timed and we got SECOND PLACE out of all the groups that have done it before! I was impressed with our group! Next activity we did in team building was lifting up our group(Boys and Girls) and they have to move to the middle and then flip upside down and jump down! Then the one I was nervous about came! We had to get up this big black wall! I did it but i think I broke Felix’s and Jack’s backs! Oops!

I really enjoyed my first camp.I wish I could do it again!
By Holly


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