Mr Twit (The Twits)

WALT: Write a description on Mr or Mrs Twit.

Mr Twit is rude and outrageous! He has disgusting hair but on those gross  pieces of hair id food from YEARS ago! Yuk Yuk! Mr Twit has eaten worms out of some spaghetti. It was a prank from his "Charming" wife Mrs Twit! Mr Twit is a bag of mischief himself. He plays lots of pranks on his wife as well. Not very nice getting into bed with a frog in it, is it? Unfortunately Mrs Twit DID! PAYBACK BABY!!! Mr Twit loves to eat bird pie.Its his favourtie food! Mr Twit smears the old dead tree with Hug-tites super glue! Mrs twit bakes the birds who get stuck there and they get EATEN! :( Poor birdies ):

I think Mrs Twit and Mr Twit are meant to be!

-By Holly

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